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Metallurgical Associates is a full-service metal testing company based in Grass Valley, CA, located in the Sierra Nevada foothills between Sacramento and Reno.

Bob Helminiak has 45 years experience in testing all types of metals and materials, typically involving tensile, bend, impact and welder qualification plates. He has a California Community College service credential to teach metallurgy and other related technologies, and has trained and supervised numerous laboratory personnel to perform such tests.


Our clients come from fields including: metal heat treaters, steel suppliers, metal fabricators, engineers, metal platers, insurance adjusters (automotive & marine failure), metal testing labs, government welding fabricators, spring manufactures, gun smiths, automotive parts fabricators, solar hardware suppliers, lighting fixture manufactures, tire chain suppliers, oil & gas pipeline manufactures, light rail, train, transit system (bullet train), farm machinery production & maintenance, and metal shredding machinery. While our clients are located across the country and worldwide, we regularly serve clients in Sacramento, San Francisco, Reno and Carson City.




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Tel: 510-913-4297

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