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Corrosion Analysis

Stagnant water in 300 Series stainless steel pipe can result in microbiological corrosion pits. Because microorganisms are present in virtually all aqueous systems, they have the potential to influence corrosion pockets.

These photos show the result of this type of corrosion on 304 stainless schedule 10 pipe, which was located in a new sewage treatment plant experiencing many leaks in a very short period of time. The top photo shows numerous small pits round and elongated on the inside of 304 stainless steel pipe. The bottom photo is a photomicrograph showing a cross-section of a pinhole opening on surface of the pipe. Note the large cavern below the surface.

Over the years, we have evaluated corrosion conditions in copper water pipes, galvanized water pipes, stainless steel piping systems, steel boiler tubes, aluminum car radiators, steel fuel tanks, stainless steel in marine atmosphere, and bronze water valves.

Stainless steel corrosion
Stainless pipe corrosion

The photos below show stress corrosion cracking on an off-road vehicle coil suspension spring. Both photos show the result of corrosion under stress. A corrosion pit started on the spring's surface creating a stress riser at the pit. The crack progressed, causing the separation shown.

Stress corrosion cracking
Coil spring stress corrosion
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