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Welding Tests, Certification & Evaluation

All construction projects, pipe line contractors, metal fabricators, ship repair companies, and auto fabricators, to name a few, should have a welding certification test to prove they can join two pieces of metal together that will perform as one. Common tests for certification are bend tests, tensile tests, macroetch tests, and Charpy impact tests, see photos. The two most popular welding specifications suppliers are the American Welding Society for Structural Welds and the American Society for Mechanical Engineers - primarily for piping applications. When joining two pieces of metal together, it is important to use the proper electrode. Preheat the metal, if necessary, and prepare the proper weld bevel for groove welds. The most common welding processes are: SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welds), GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welds), GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welds), and FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welds).

Groove weld tensile test
Stainless plate root bend
Stainless pipe welding test

The first photo is a close up of groove weld tensile test in ¾" steel plate. Note fracture was in weld metal.
The center photo is a view of root bend in stainless plate. Note black lines which are lack of fusion.
The third photo is a macroetch cross-section of stainless steel pipe weld. Note black areas which are pockets of porosity.

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